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Ed Middleton is an award-winning, CSC accredited Director of Photography with decades of experience as a visual storyteller.   Ed has filmed in more than 25 countries for documentary, natural history, news, sports, investigative, narrative and unscripted productions.  He has been behind the lens on dozens of documentaries including productions for CBC's "The Nature of Things", National Geographic, Smithsonian and Discovery Channel.


Ed’s passion for adventure has translated into his work. When filming "Geologic Journey: Collision Zone Asia” the camera crew climbed Indonesia's Merapi volcano prior to its eruption and also trekked for weeks in Mustang, Nepal, revealing ancient sea fossils at 16,000 feet above sea level.  A six week shoot in Kenya and Angola produced "The Modern Warrior" which follows the inspiring journey of Maasai warrior Moses, portraying the resilience of individuals adapting to life's challenges, from drought to urbanization.  He also spent a month at sea aboard the HMCS Winnipeg which was part of a NATO anti-piracy mission off the coast of Somalia and worked as a cinematographer in Afghanistan and was embedded with ISAF forces.


Ed's most recent projects include David Attenborough’s "Secret World of Sound" (Netflix/CBC) which explores the ways animals use sound to hunt, mate and survive , and "Brink of Disaster," a three part documentary series for Discovery Channel, explores how scientists and engineers are preparing for the next “big one”.  


Ed has built his visual toolbox from a diverse set of experiences and is an asset to any production.  He is always excited to grow as the industry evolves and is an early adopter of new technology.


Connect with Ed on Instagram @edmiddletoncsc or explore more about his work at

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